Two of them

Two of them would sit together,
hum their favourite song as they stroll around the old path,
share a chaai at the cafe on the corner,
tire the sun and send him down the sky with their long talks.
‘friends’ as they would call each other and shrugg off the rumours that people talked about,
did it not occur to them about the strange connection they had?
through her sweet smile and every time as he touched her hand.
seconds moved away with the dust,
hour hand cirlced the clock fast,
and the pages of calender turned around.
she decided to leave the small town and he stayed back.
‘we all have to follow our path’ was what she said,
as their eyes met and shared a cold goodbye.
days turned into months, and with years passing they fell more apart,
‘she may not come back’ they were telling him now..
‘honey come fast, I’m waiting’ said the girl on the bed beside him,
he finished the poem, gently put the pen down and
once more thought of that sweet smile that never once faded in his heart…

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