Soul mates


I think my girl is my Soul mate,

Oh no, wait I think she is not.

Because the other day we had a fight,

And they say that Soul mates do not.

They tell me, Soul mates are destined to meet, are perfect and so much compatible they are..

Now I wonder how could we be..When we argue over the remote control, her best friend and the other girls in my life..

They say Soul mates are ideal, just made for each other they are..

But if she was made for me only, why did I even stand on the bridge and asked her out?

Once we didn’t talk for a month, not the thing that Soul mates do.

But when we did again..We had come even closer, that’s for true.

Romance after the fight is certainly the best one you can have,

Your love grows only stronger..When together you fight against the odds.

They say that your Soul mate exists somewhere and you’ll meet her one divine day.

But I just don’t give a shit now, coz to me Soul mates sound just so lame.

What I know is I love her so much..even her ego and our stupid fights.

She loves the way I say sorry and I love the way she then smiles.

I don’t think she’s my Soul mate, But that’s the stuff we should care less about.

Soul mates would be so boring, so ideal with no fight-kiss and make up..!