Knocked down…

Knocked down…I am…knocked down to the earth.

Last blow it was…straight on the face…I couldn’t stand this time…and fell into the arms of warm sand.

Those six seconds I had, I had before my face was smashed into the ground.

All I thought was of you…your eyes…your hands from the crowd.

All I thought was you…our first date…me sneaking into your house…your cold hands.

That warm hug and the first kiss we had under the starry sky…it was only you on my mind.

Even that whiff of wet sand rushing into my nose was melancholy to your smile.

I told my eyelids not to shut…should they listen but they slowly drew themselves down.

World is coming crashing down…an evil darkness spreads everywhere now.

The only colour that I see now is Black…while colourful memories of u still paint my mind.

I feel unconscious…I feel close to dying now…but I haven’t given up darling;

My heart still beats stronger than the people who threw us apart.

I haven’t forgotten a single promise…the words that I gave you they stand tall in my eyes.

I do not know where they are taking me now…I feel cold…the stretcher moves up and down.

My body aches slowly…pain is becoming omnipresent now…warm blood is crawling all over my hands.

I hear voices whispering around me…I hear your sweetheart…my ears are reaching for your voice.

I know you want me to hold on…I so wanna open my eyes and tell you I’m here, always by your side.

I can feel your tears falling on my cheek and I’m trying hard…but sands of time are slowing me down.

I cannot breath girl, I’m gasping for air…is this your hand that I’m holding tight?

Needles enter my veins and subdue the pain somewhat but I’m falling again…falling into the dark.

In deep sleep I am…feels like thousand years without you…I want to be free of these chains,

I want to open my eyes wide…wipe the tears of your face and hold you again tight.

I fall deep into that black well…gloomy darkness surrounds me…My eyes feel heavy and I sleep…I sleep into the world so black.

I don’t know how long it’s been, but somehow I can see now…a picture so perfect…a velvet sky…I feel a cold breeze on my face…you know I can smell hundreds of flowers around.

My wounds are suddenly healed…I’m standing straight…it seems like an utopia…baby where am I?

Is this what they call god’s home? I hope not. I hope it’s just a dream. Because I never believed in afterlife…and I do not want to do now.

I know I said you are more than my life…but I cannot die…I just cannot leave you weeping alone behind.

I can take thousand more blows for you girl…I’ll battle all of them and bring each one of them down.

I cannot die honey…I cannot not be with you again…I will not go down on my words…my promises of all the times.

I’m waking up soon…because I’m not done yet…we have so much left together…tell God to hold on.

See I’m opening my eyes girl…blurred it is but I can see you sitting here by my side.

A smile cannot stifle on my face when I see you sleeping somehow on that small leather couch.

My heart only wonders how many sleepless nights you must have had here when I see you here…I see you sweetheart.

It reminds me of all the times with you sleeping…with your head gently resting on my heart.

You see…I’m up now…I’m getting up…my wounds are not healed…I’m struggling but I’m trying to stand.

I’m feeling weak…but I’m going to rise again…they call me Phoenix and I’ll be once again all strong.

Here let me cover you sweetie…let me watch you sleep again…just like the old times.

I love you so much girl…and you thought they could just cease me to exist in that sand.

They are so weak so weak they are in front of us…together we’ll live the life we always dreamed of.

I’ll take you around…sneak into your house…when they all sleep, take you out on a walk.

We are doing it all over again…those hugs…your kisses…you hitting me and then shying away again.

We are so much here love…together we are…fuck the world…this moment is ours…it’s just you and I…!

Romeo and…

Raindrops danced on her wide forehead as she looked up at the sky with half opened eyes.
She stretched her arms open wide and tried to take in more of that pure celestial sight.
She was in love with it all.
The naivety of that cool breeze, the faint mauve sky and never changing smell of that wet soil.
So much unlike the men she had picked in her life.
She would say, “I always tend to choose assholes somehow.
Cinderella’s story and Snow white are just another way to blindfold innocent teen minds.
Until they grow up to the reality of life and shop for jerks from the market of fake promises,” was how she felt about it now.
By the time any girl, any Juliet starts falling for her Romeo; he is already chasing some other girl in the town, throwing Juliet out of her illusionary dream land.”
So she stood there in the dying rain now with a wet plat of hair sticking to her shoulders.
Water drops slid down her neckline smoothly and jumped off her heart straight towards the ground to get camouflaged in the dark wet sand.
Then from nowhere came him walking straight towards her looking once at the rain from above, then at her and at the translucent clouds.
An artist he was.
His glance was as sharp as the deep velvet sky and mind as clear as the strong gust of wind oscillating her knee length gown.
“Oh there comes another asshole!” said her in mind.
Asshole or not, at first a writer he was.
With trillion mystic words tap dancing in his brown eyes.
“Oh what gifts of happiness will you bring to me you new guy?
I know you writers well. You are probably looking for a character for some new story that you have on mind.
And as soon as you’re done getting out an interesting tale, you’ll just vanish like a Cheshire cat.
I have already seen Easter bunnies in my life.
Just as fake as charming you guys are.”
Romeo inched closer to her enough to hear her breath heavily and uttered,
“Hold on honey. I have not walked into your life just to pen down some storyline.
I have come because I have fallen for your gorgeousness.
I have fallen for the way you gently tap you feet in the pool of water careful not to hurt the smallest of bushes in the soil.
I have fallen for the way your eyelashes play a battle with the dews of rain and the way you feel it without caring a bit about your eye make-up getting smudged in bargain.
You are so not like those stereotypes.
You simply outstand. And I’m sure you always have.
You are not naive and dumb like ‘Snow white’. You are candid and valiant as ‘Rose red’ and that’s how you outshine them all.
Oh my sweet heart, you just need to stand your ground and the whole world itself will try to fit in your deep blue eyes.”
Controlling her racing heartbeat she now spoke out,
“Oh Romeo, how well you could peep into my heart. I’m indeed all of that.
I know I’m different from the crowd. But then I’m a girl after all. Wanting to be loved and lose myself in the warmth of your arms.
I know I’m not Juliet. But who would understand?”
“I do, Rosaline” said Romeo. But some love stories are such that even we artists don’t pen them down. We just keep them safe in our heart…”
Rosaline closed her eyes and let him hug her tight…………………………………………………………………….

P.S. Soon their clandestine affair got caught. Juliet killed Romeo and then committed suicide.
Rosaline escaped the scene. She was finally done finding the apt characters and an interesting storyline.
She named it – “Romeo and Juliet”.