God – The best kept secret

‘Gods and Evils’ their sagas were often told.

The ones who had the history written after them and the ones who lost the battle.

And the ones who lost were often butchered, raped and burnt.

By those who would later be worshipped as divine deities by everyone.

Simply because now they had paid writers of their own to exaggerate their victorious tales.

History books often eat up some disturbing secrets while few sacred ones are strongly held.

But history always keeps one secret to itself,

That sometimes there are no winners and sometimes no one needs to lose.

Gods as we know them, never once knew any magic to create or sustain life on this planet.

No matter how long you are on your knees, they will not come walking down celestial clouds for you to be saved.

They were certainly the smart ones or at least the strong ones compared to the rest in their period.

But these men over the time became Gods and their lives became tales.

Others followed their suit and became self proclaimed incarnations of already worshipped lords.

God Shiva became a hit,

So they produced Ram, Krishna and many more sequels.

Maybe power lies not with the ones who possess strong arsenal but with the ones who guarded and kept the World’s best kept secret alive.

Because religions around the globe and their caretakers knew only too well how to play this game.

Men and women became their dancing puppets as their Gods hypnotised the naive minds of billions invading this planet.

Answer to the origin of life on earth may as well come from the experiments at Large hydrogen collider in the coming decade.

Surely it did not originate from the made up idols sitting inside our heads and established at temples, mosques and churches.

Sacred epics around the world speak stories of how Evils often dethroned Gods from heaven and how Gods ran away from them.

If the tales were true and Gods & Evils coexisted,

Why in the history of thousands of years, evils were never incarnated?
And why suddenly Gods stopped visiting the only place they had personally created?

But who would like to see the harsh and unpleasant truth?

When religious teachings satiate your mental urge of having that one imaginary friend…!