And I found you.


I suddenly found you, when I needed someone so desperately.

When I needed someone to divert my mind, to throw it off the cliff…

Off the cliff of misery, depression and frustration.

I kinda should have known that I always had you with me.

I should have known that I could simply take you along wherever I go.

You were so loyal, so affectionate that you cared the least about yourself.

You changed your pace to my dancing whims and to the rhythm of my fancies.

You jumped up and down, moved high and low to be with the frame of mind.

How could I simply forget that, you always pulled me out of those dungeons.

You cheered me up and you were the reason my lips did not frown.

You were there to remind me of her and when I wanted you to,

You helped me forget her, you told me that I deserved so much better.

You were there every time I raised the beer full of mug with my buddies.

Mumbai, Goa, Bangalore and New Delhi.

Whether I rushed through the crowd in the metro or had my elbows pressed in the warm sand of Sun -bathed beaches;

You were whispering in my ears with your echo ringing in my head and putting a smile on my face .

You stood up by me through those star studded blue nights and golden days of sunshine.

No one affects me more than you have. No one could have known my moods better than you do.

I should have simply known that I could always turn up to you.

I should have somehow known that I always had a great friend in you –


You so truly rocked my world and I’m sure you always will.

Why stop?? Keep playing.

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