Run Rabbit Run


‘Race loosing – Rabbits’ we all are…
Running towards a new finish line every time,
Even while we walk we walk friskily like a bunny rabbit from the ‘tortoise and hare’ story-line.
Always on the verge of finishing something, trying to catch a new deadline, a new task every time.
An endless race, that we put ourselves into.
The one that never declares its winner. Because there isn’t one.
Life that moves so fast that it simply works on the principal of making you run, all the time.
Shying away from your present, you run for it’s easier.
And you run endlessly, trying to keep pace with other hares running their own race.
From one place to the next when they allure you with one carrot or the other.
Marks, grades, jobs, promotion, money and we all keep running.
We run through a new check point every day, with weary legs and exhausted minds.
Because no one really knows, where the finish line is.
Hardly do we know what we are running after at times.
And as we run, we come across other rabbits that run along chasing their carrot, their finish lines.
We become friends, fall in love. But we never stop.
Few hares that fall and stumble on the way, few even help us get back on.
But hardly do we wait; hardly do we give up running after the carrot for someone.
Even for someone who really cared, loved and looked after us.
What if we did stay back in that small town, what if we didn’t tell that hare that we have to catch a bus the next morning?
What if we did hold onto that person…that place…that job in hand?
Probably we could have stopped running,
Probably we could’ve turned back once and seen the look in those eyes.
Because there were rabbits out there who gave up on the lure of carrots, those deadlines and projects.
Maybe we could have done it too…could have taken a break, stopped running and lived.
We could have lived more, and run less.
Lived what we had along the race, with rabbits that ran along with us.
Maybe we already crossed the finish line that we are looking for…

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