The Black Swift Desire



And there she was again.

Waiting for the Black Swift Desire to come and pick her up.

And once again here I was,

All I could do was to give her an askance glance.

But then finally she had had it all…

That night…the blue eyed girl came into my dream that night.

With her curly brown hair blowing gracefully in the morning February wind.

“Why we keep running??” she came up to me and asked. “Can’t we stop sometimes?”

“I know I’ll be getting into that black car again, with my eyes flirting with yours.

“You know you won’t miss that red bus for you may have a meeting to be at.”

“But then what we could wait…

I mean you know we have got time.”

“What if we could stay…let the black swift pass & you to miss the read old bus this time?

We could see what’s beyond these mundane everyday sights.

Cause only the eyes that meet everyday know there is so much more to this that they saw.”

“Is it not?” she said before disappearing into clamor of my alarm clock.

That morning I let the first red bus go and hopped onto another one for meeting was important to be at.

Only to witness the empty Black Swift Desire overtaking the bus from the side.


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