Get a room guys!


Cheeky cheeky couples and their lovey dovey talks,

Me and a horny couple. “Why do I always get a seat right next to you guys?”

Cinema hall or a bus stand, you know we somehow end up together,

Be it a train or the last empty bench in the jogger’s park.

Spare me and get a room guys…!

Last Sunday that I had to travel, travel not that far.

A train journey to Mumbai, taking not more than four hours.

A window seat to myself, oh what a sweet time I was going to have!

Until he told she would love sitting next to the window,

And like a gentleman I offered it guys.

For a lovely newly married couple that they looked like.

Not a window seat, they needed to get a room guys…!

A narrow seat that three of us shared,

Me, him and her in a straight line we closely sat.

Train moved slowly and their hands moved fast.

The hands that held each other,

The hands that ran through her hair, his lap and what not.

Naughtier they got, with every second passing by.

Give me back by window seat and get yourself a room guys…!

They smiled together,

Seeing a valley, a river and a mountain pass.

Through the window they enjoyed it all.

A window, that was supposed to be mine.

But the scariest part of the journey were tunnels,

Not one, two or three…but in total five.

And every tunnel came with a surprise,

From him to her, from her to him and from her to me at times.

They kept giggling in the darkness,

And took advantage of it every single time.

Every tunnel that we crossed in four hours,

Sang a routine song.

A song that sang the rush of their clothes and their weird kissing sounds.

They really needed to get a room guys…!

There was a light at the end of the dark path,

With tunnel coming to an end,

He made his hair, while she adjusted her top.

I on the other hand,

Drowned myself more inside the newspaper in my hand.

I became a squint,

As I tried not to notice, where their hands moved now.

With one eye reading the headlines and the other one became a peeping Tom.

So much wanted to tell them, to get a room guys…!

Maybe I needed to mind my own business,

Maybe this journey was the only time-together they might have had.

This horny boy and the girl with long hands,

‘Long’ not because I stared,

But because they crossed his thighs, to reach mine.

The journey got over and the train started coming to a halt,

The lovely horny couple offered me a big smile.

I smiled back and thanked them too,

Not for the show or for anything but awesome threesome that we had had.

Thanked them since they had just helped me to get over my writer’s-block.

And yes, told them to get a room guys…!


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