~ Undying


Few things do not wither away.

Like an old road back in your town that never turns lonely,

Since it wears the special memories drenched in sepia-shades.

A search for the soul mate that never ends,

It never ends in disappointment for ultimately they have the same hiding place.

A fire that seems to keep burning for eternity,

While you sit around it & look at the photo with people who never grow old.

And her eyes from the photo that never move off yours,

Few things seem to be undying.

Like a frisky kitten that is always lively playing with a ball of wool,

Just like a heart that fleets like a butterfly from one person to the other.

And you learn to keep moving,

Because what’s still, eventually dies.

Like a stagnant pool of lake water giving up at the feet of mammoth ocean.

Unlike few things that refuse to let themselves down.

Like A guilt lurking in your heart of sins from the past,

And an evil inside dominating your choice.

An urge to have just one more glass by an alcoholic,

And his determination to make that call once he gulps it down.

Her wish that he holds her just a little longer,

Under the night of full moon that loves to chase their car.

Few things are to be kept safe and kept going.

Like those 15 year old versions of you and your best friend,

That you get into, laughing repeatedly at the same jokes every time you meet.

And more reasons that knock on your door every year,

When you look back & make you feel blessed for things you thought were depressing.

A hope that resides secretly in our hearts & keep them pumping happiness,

When every time our brain preaches logic, behind seemingly troublesome present.

Few things never die.

Just like a photo with people that you’ve still preserved that never grow old.

You look at it one day before you sleep, after a tiresome week that just left.

A smile conquers your face, for few people are meant to be forever.

And they’re always there for you, they’re just a phone call away.

Few good things never once fade.

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