I can time-travel. I do it most of the times. Give me a pen, a book, give me a song that makes it to the ‘most played’ on my phone’s playlist and that is all I need. Sitting by the window, reading Hemingway describing the Golden age of arts and headphones playing Lifehouse lyrics in my ears – that shall be it. That shall be enough to make me almost walk down the streets of Paris; as the train comes whistling down the track in my mind and takes me away. It takes me away to the place I want to be at.

I will be awake in the long hours of that chilly night. I will be scribbling on the pages of torn notepad on the desk…trying to keep myself warm in the faint light of table lamp. I will be awake and glued to the chair listening attentively to the rain gently ridiculing the serenity of sleepy town…my forehead hair will be dancing rhythmically with the gust of wind coming through the half shut window inside. And it will be carrying with it; a scent of wet blossom of trees from the lands afar.

I will be awake for there is a drafts folder in my heart where untold stories are waiting to flow out on the paper. I shall join the pieces of memories to those of thoughts and we’ll have our jigsaw puzzle finally solved. I shall produce words that may heal your wounds, which time could only promised to. Those words shall build a bridge and I shall run with all the energy in my feet, since I know you will be at the other end of that bridge with waiting arms. That bridge shall give me a fleeting yet a chance-nonetheless of making it to you.

I will be building my time machine late in the midnight with the ingredients of words, books, memories, our songs and my thoughts. I will be waiting for the same train to arrive and check my watch to be on time to hop onto it.

I will be strolling late in the wide streets of that town in my utopia. I will be walking into late hours of night, until I bump into the sunrise and the cruel morning wakes me up. But I shall not give up because I know the night awaits…and that is when I shall finally finish building my time machine. I believe I can.

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