Parellel Universe


Dreams are bridges. They are getaways to the worlds that we create or the ones we want to go to but cannot.

Last night when I fell asleep in my warm cosy bed, I had one such dream. And in there, I had bought myself a ticket to a whole new world. It was a pretty long journey across the galaxy…with me traveling a mammoth dark world, passing stars & planets…until I had to get down at the last stop. A ‘parallel universe’ was waiting for me out there.

A lot like our world. A lot better in some sense and a lot worse in other. But then the only person that I had to meet was ‘myself’ from there.
And I met him. As expected, ‘he (me)’ was expecting me.
“Hi, I’m…” we both said at a time and did same pinch to each other.
We had so much to talk about – about ourselves. So we decided to go out for a drink.

What I mostly wanted to talk about & ‘me’ from there wanted to ask was – about the stories that we wrote, about ‘Arsenal football club’, about ‘her’ and how far we had gotten together.

“So have you published anything by now?” I asked myself from that universe and hoped to hear yes.

“Yes” him replied and teased me about him being ahead of me out there.

“Haha’’ I nervously laughed at myself and asked him about her.

“Well, we are together’’ he said with a straight face.

And I laughed at him for a while.

“hahaha at least somewhere I’m leading myself from this universe’’ I said with a proud face.

“No, you are not’’ he said with a compassionate look before continuing – “You’ll get back with her again!”

And then I made a sad puppy face and started crying before saying, “I thought in future I’ll be with someone else.’’

Him or myself from other universe comforted me saying, “Don’t worry ultimately we’ll find the right person to be with.’’

Then we drank, laughed and talked in length about our awesomeness.

We talked and talked and fell in love with each other until we realised that we are not gay.
And I realised that it would be pretty weird to be in love with myself.

So, I caught a train straight back to our universe – a better or worse but still our own and waved goodbye to ‘myself’ from the other planet.

Next morning that I got up, I went and brushed my teeth, took a bath and made my hair.

I looked at myself in the mirror for some time and life has been pretty awkward since then –

As I don’t exactly remember which one of us from the parallel universe last night, got back onto that train.

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