Monsters under the bed


It was easy for her to be hard boiled about things in the daylight. She found it simple to toss around those worries-laden memories from one clock hour to the next. But at night it was another thing. At night those thoughts would swirl around in her head, in a priority set by herself long back. The memories that she diverted herself from in the bright sunny day became monsters under her bed; every time as the night drew in.

And at night as she put on the shorts, tied her hair and lied awake in her bed; she did her best to chase those monsters away, and to turn them into a cloud of mere thoughts again. And when she did so, she knew from inside that the monsters were not dead. They stayed secretly dormant in her head…in an ambush under her bed. Because they were her own thoughts, her past and present.

She got up and opened the glass window wide and let the cold breeze walk in. She let it crawl along her naked arms, all the way up to her neck and freeze her senses with thousand kisses. Standing there all by herself; she gazed at her town at night with an aesthetic sense. City was bathing in the serenity of night shimmered with dim street lights in distance and faintly lit up box sized windows of rectangle shaped buildings standing close hand in hand. She looked as far as she could and tried to capture most of her sleepy town in her eyes. She looked at the part of it that sat undressed by the lights exposing it; while the rest of the city was clothed under the darkness of night. She stood in her balcony watching helplessly; how her city was falling against the advancing army of darkness and it conquering one house after another stepwise.

She secretly envied them in her mind: them who slept so easily in those rectangle shaped buildings. She wondered if they knew a secret to lock their monsters in a safe compartment somewhere far away. She questioned herself whether her monsters were mightier than theirs, or whether they themselves were trying to battle them as well.

A faint moonlight made its way to her, shining a ray of hope on her lips; as she pursed them into a smile. She felt she had found an answer. She realised that we were all secretly dealing with our troubles and worries at night in our respecting hiding places. But then there’s always something to cheer for; something that every day gifted us all: him, her, them, you and I – a revived hope, a new reason to smile for. And that shall be enough to calm our monsters away.

So putting aside her worries and loneliness, she tucked herself in bed and retired to sleepy world with a happy face. She slept like a baby and let monsters under her bed wait for yet another night to arrive, only to be defeated by her smile again.

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