Jeannie the Caterpillar

Have you heard of Jeannie the Caterpillar? I’m not sure if you have.
In any case allow me to tell you a short story about her, guys.
Jeannie was a happy go lucky, a very bubbly larva.
Staying in a lush-green forest of Peru, South America.
She loved everything about her life.
Waking up early to a warm sunlight & sauntering through dry leaves on fat old tree branch.
In search of insects smaller than her and the ones that seemed yummy & chewy inside.
She was super-content living her everyday monotonous life.
Every bit of it, she liked & felt that was that entire Universe had to offer.
Until one day, when it began to change.
Started with a tingling feeling in her stomach.
Hardly had she understood, but there was so much that was changing now.
Bright blue cells in her body had showed up before the other old ones.
And what did the other cells do now?
Hated these good looking, all charming and new cells so much.
Conspired against them, planned and attacked them all.
Told them that they did not belong here and Jeannie did not need them at all.
Bright blue cells were told, she was happy with what she had.
Bright blue cells who were few in number were the ones that did not give up.
They were the ones who stood tall, against an opposition so mighty and strong.
Bright blue cells stayed composed and fought back.
Guess what, they won.
So here our Jeanie with the help of bright blue cells, wore a gown made of soft velvety pupa.
She relaxed back inside her pupa and closed her eyes.
A few days later that she opened them and stretched out her newly gifted wings wide.
A cocoon broke apart and she inhaled in air so fresh and warm.
Looking up, Jeanie fluttered her wings now and took off.
Since that day, Jeannie kept flying, fleeting from one flower to the other.
Admiring the beauty of it, which she could not even dream of.
Had she been content of dead dry leaves on the bark.
Had the bright blue cells not fought against the ordinary ones around.
Jeannie was now a beautiful butterfly. For she chose to dream…for her dream she chose to fight.

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