Not so Gay


What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you see two guys walking – hand in hand? “Gay”? Well, then you’re not in minority to think so. Majority of people would stereotype them so in the first glance.

But I would rather like to go for an old English dictionary meaning for the word ‘Gay’ here which says – someone who is carefree or cheerful.

If you did notice, it is more likely that the guys that you see walking on the street hand in hand; belong to the small towns. They’ll be strolling the streets and gazing at tall buildings kissing the sky, while keeping close to each other or to put it the other way, always staying together. We all travel to new places and the first thing we do is to try and get oriented to it. While we do so, we depend either on few of our relatives staying out there, or on our smartphone as it lets us connect to seemingly important people talking random things on online chat applications or we simply depend on money in our pocket to make our stay and travel comfortable.
But for these two guys, the only support probably is each other. Because they are Best friends after all. Now again that term is not limited to small towns. I agree. But try and answer this question in one word – who is your best friend? Most of us would say more than one. And we would buttresses our answer saying it is so because we move from place to place, change our college and switch jobs. But then let me take you back to your school days. And suddenly you’ll remember how easy it was to answer this question back then. You might also recall walking hand in hand with that best friend. We loved it, didn’t we? We were each other’s support. We could cover seemingly long distance walking together and not be afraid of armada of vehicles racing on the street. Because our hand was held tight by our best friend as we crossed the road together. That was innocence and purity of that friendship.

But somehow we couldn’t hold onto that hand and let the innocence go as we grew up. And contrary to us, those two guys managed to keep it. They never came out of that naive relation and therefore are not bothered by our stares at them. Although I may never get so comfortable walking along with my guy friend, least I could do is not stereotype people who do.

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