Naked’ us



Waking up to my smartphone singing its routine alarm tune, I stretched my arms wide and rubbed my eyes.

Putting on a T shirt, I moved to the bathroom and picked up a tooth brush sitting near the wash-basin. And…I dropped it as soon as I picked it up. Because – I saw something bizarre right in front of me in the mirror – A heart holding a toothbrush in its hands. A heart that was Me. I shouted in a shock and so did the heart in the mirror.

It was me, after all. I was my own heart as I could see it. Just the way they show it in movies, a red coloured heart, but with hands and legs attached to it. I moved my hands and so did the Heart in the mirror. I turned right and so did it. I turned left and it was doing the same. I pinched myself twice and realised it wasn’t the dream one could wake up easily from.

I put on a jacket and left my house. Strolling down the street, I realised that my dream/real life had just got weirder with everyone around being in the shape of heart. Hearts had flooded the streets, hearts were riding bikes, driving cars and there were even hearts waiting at the bus stop.

Amazed I decided to get away from that scene and have some coffee at a nearby cafe around the corner. Taking a seat at the far corner of cafe, I ordered for my usual Irish coffee and took a look around.

There were booths with hearts sitting in a pair on one side of the booth. There were few single hearts standing near the counter, holding the mug of coffee in hands and occasionally giving an askance look at hearts-couples giggling. I saw how cheeks of hearts went up and down with every heart-beat they had.  Hearts that engaged in a public display of affection wore a pink jacket of affection, while the ones at counter were sporting a cloth of fake smiles. There were few hearts around me, who wore bandages which seemed like they must have been carrying them from a long time trying to cover their scars. Some hearts had lust dancing all over their faces, while some seemed divinely happy being alone, as they relished their early morning breakfast.
While I sipped my coffee; my colour went from red to maroon with thoughts of her memories melancholy to that coffee smell. I looked outside to spot some hearts walking hand in hand down the street.

I could see it all – Hearts that were smiling, hearts that watched others & felt envious, hearts that laughed out hard together and hearts that lived a peaceful time by breathing in fresh air after a long time.
Today we were all naked. Naked to each other, unlike every other day when our hearts are eclipsed by the shadow of our faces – faces with an expertise in depicting what we wish to. But, today we lived as we were. Today was the day when our logical brains & minds were sent off on a vacation afar. Hearts had come floating down the streets, because it had been long that we escaped the houses where we were trapped by our merciless brains.

I wondered which shade I turned into when I spotted her walking straight up to me. I smiled and told her frankly that I was more than happy to see her – because after all I was a Heart. I did not need to lie.

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