A sea of clouded thoughts


Think beyond your vacation once. Take a break as you ride your bike to the nearest beach, for there is an old house by the corner…kids playing on a muddy street by the lake. Look for familiar words in the language they speak. Share few smiles with strangers. And you’ll know that the place wants to speak. She wants to speak to you. Because she seeks someone, who is more than just a traveller. She longs for you to stay back, through the long night and not disappear by the dawn.

Goa is one place that smells the same, whichever day of the year it maybe. And it smells of happiness…a little sober…a little drunk one. An evening at a beach all by yourself turns out to be rather engaging. Because you are not truly sitting there all alone. You are kept company by the mammoth ocean in front, that convinces you into having a conversation with it. And the ocean doesn’t ask you any questions. He rather shares with you, the interesting conversations it had had once with the restless, lonely and yet enthralled minds that sat in its lap.

Countless thoughts these waves carry along as they kiss the shore and tickle your feet. Thoughts of romance, depression, attraction, hope and dreams form a star-studded sky that gets reflected above in the dark night. Footprints of those who once sat there, is their baggage they purposely left behind in the custody of ocean…taking him for granted. And he says nothing like a good old chap and shoves your dreams and worries into his deep pocket of waves. He simply smiles back.

You can listen to him talk…if you care enough to hear his voice over the sound of waves wrestling against each other. But do not look for him in there. Look for yourself in that sea of clouded thoughts. And you’ll see a lighthouse that shall guide you towards me.

5 thoughts on “A sea of clouded thoughts

  1. Its like you’ve expressed all my thoughts and feelings into words. Overwhelmed with nostalgia and dreams of the future. Watching the sunset over the ocean is completely priceless. I hope we get to see countless more in the future.

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