You, Me And the World War 3


The sound of gunshots has conquered the town,

Bombs are blowing it apart street by street.

Night is draping our city honey,

It is putting its mask of death onto it slowly.

News channels told me to stay inside the house,

And be with your family.

Danger lurking outside my door,

It felt melancholy to you suddenly.

There has come a day finally,

When we both figure out; there isn’t a way to meet our own selfish dreams.

The end is close and the night is long,

It is calling you out to be somebody’s.

You shall take a U-turn girl & come back to the same old place where we used to meet,

You shall moonwalk back in time baby,

Because you will find me there waiting.

We never could be the perfect two,

We never probably even wanted to be.

We are not the ‘two feeding each other at the town’s famous eatery’.

But we are what we need right now,

Because with you there isn’t anything to conceal.

I never feel naked a bit with my dark side stripped open,

When I feel you against me; when I have you with me.

And you are like my mirror,

My mirror that shows me, the remaining me.

Days are almost over now,

Let’s be together, for there couldn’t be another destruction-so sweet.

You tear down my heart and I will question your love for me.

We will back to what we are best at – our sweet old cruelty.

Because we’re the two pieces of jigsaw puzzle,

Made not for, but yet put together by a stubborn kid.

Trying to fit together, until the foolish child breaks us completely.

Broken that we are now, we can never fit anywhere sweetie.

Not for anyone else maybe, but for me you are the still the rest of me.

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