Mute God


Curly hair, big round eyes half roofed by his pupils, a sharp nose and an orange cloth draped around the body in a defined manner…God stood still in front of me. I mean his twelve feet idol did.

Just two days after the serial blasts had shattered the serenity of the sleepy town, I had a chance to visit the place. A vast greenery laden road on the both sides was the first welcoming sign of the small town. And so was the mountain range in distance, beyond the paddy farms…with cows browsing and birds chirping. A perfect bucolic sight!

Few feet away from the temple where blasts took place, I got down from the auto.  A very famous tourist place was greeting me. But there was something eerie about the place. It smelled of fear, disturbance and an awkward silence. It whispered to me a nervousness of locals around and a false sense of security being instilled in there. A place where people care to watch only one face…that is of the idol…was now sporting an odd number of people sitting there and reading my face as I walk with my bag-pack around.

And I look at God’s face. Calm, still and expressionless. He has always been like that. Over the centuries…he has maintained an air of calmness. Or indifference if I may say. I do not remember the day I became an atheist in the process of trying to understand God. The process that I horribly failed at. I failed to comprehend as to why God suddenly stopped showing up at the biggest party in Universe that he himself created – or that is what most of the religious ones preach us.

Even today the God stayed quiet and straight-faced to the dead bodies lying around. And mind you, most people have died in the name of religion, for religion and because of religion than anything else in the world so far. First to differentiate ourselves from animals, they created religions, they created rules and later on we found ourselves caged in it.

I wondered if there were any answers. And there indeed were, but disturbing ones. Disturbing because ignorance is bliss – ignorance of a possibility of having believed in something throughout the history of mankind, which probably never really existed. Those questions haunt every individual’s keen mind, but only few choose to be disturbed by those. Only few let their belief to be flirted with, rather than being shackled by the chains of blind faith.
The origin of life was never meant to be studied from ancient epics & manuscripts that did their job of ruling the herd of mankind over thousands of years. Origin of life was to be questioned, thought over and experimented rightly in the Large Hydrogen Collider as it is being done now. But then the question is – do you wish to follow what the masses do or let your mind do the independent thinking for a while?  Can let go of your imaginary friend and have only yourself to be praised or blamed at?

Because it does not take real genius for even kids to discover that, it is their parents who buy them gifts after reading the wish-list kids put in the socks on Xmas night. But then believing in an omnipotent Santa Claus is a much easier job to get what you want.

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