Soul mates & shit

ImageGreek mythology talks about King Pygmalion of Cyprus, who made a sculpture of a woman and named it Galatea. An artist he was after all and spent so much heart on the sculpture that he fell in love with it. He prayed to Goddess Venus and she bestowed magic over the stature and brought it to life. Pygmalion took great care of her and next part you know already – they lived happily ever after.

Our mythologies depict and preach about stories, wars and love sagas that took place because Gods & Goddesses blessed or cursed people as per their whims and fancies. Ever wondered how tough this job must have become for them now, if they did exist in the first place. Cupids are suddenly nowhere to be seen and so are the talks about soul mates withering away. But love still makes its presence felt subtly in a summer wind that passes by, in faces and eyes of beautiful smiling people on the streets. But like beauty it has taken a form of transitory appearance these days. Call me old school, but no chatting application beats meeting a person in real. And no emoticon can ever let you see, how she smiles at you simply through her eyes.

I think in the era of smartphones, what most people are looking for is not a soul mate but a wifi free zone and a compatible charger for their phone. Before you conclude that I’m against technology, I shall make it clear I am not. But come to think of it, as we are moving towards getting more and more connected through the smart devices and applications; farther are we moving from each other. Lesser are the number of people putting in an effort to make relationships work. Long distance relationships are started with a tagline saying they are not meant to work.

I know soul mates aren’t anybody’s favourite topic to discuss. I am not a big fan of it either. But I am of opinion that we seriously don’t have a right to play it down, just because we had an unsuccessful relationship or two. I mean, hardly any one of us really goes out of their way looking for the right person. It starts with looking for a good looking person in your junior high classroom, ending it in a year and realising it was nothing but a crush and you had a good person in your friend waiting to date you. By the time you come out of these ‘not so right’ people for you, you are left with no time to search for the right one. And then we give up saying that this is life and shit like that. Most people, who emphasize they do not believe in love, simply mean that they do not believe so much in people any more.

I tell you what is not correct. Logic. Logic that we seek in an answer to why we even love someone…sometimes still. Because it doesn’t have to be logical, it doesn’t have to make sense. That is what attracted us to that person in the first place, right? That is what had put a smile on our face – being illogical with her or him. And let our mind run open, naked and childlike stupid in the open wide field; because it was not alone. It was held hand in hand with her or his and looked after.
And then we got back to reality, the real people and real life who demanded sense in whatever we do. More sense and less stupid-happiness. And we fell for it, we let go of that hand because it seemed illogical to us now. To run wildly happily and stupidly together. We let it go because it did not fit well into what future others designed for us to live. We let the only person go who once let us laugh out without caring how it looked. The one with whom we did not feel shame, did not feel naked. We let the love go.
Honestly if we are not willing to sound stupid, then maybe we don’t deserve to be in love. Then those tears we may shed won’t make any sense.

Soul mates exist or maybe they don’t. But I can guarantee you that, there certainly are few people worth searching for. So shake your heart a bit. Take it out for a walk. Its wounds are healed a long time back. Let it breathe again and look for someone with a rhyming beat.

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