Let’s trade our shoes


I’ll be you,

You be me.

Let’s trade our shoes,

And walk a mile along the beach…!

Let the warm sand grains race in between your toes,

You read my mind like you do,

And I’ll wear your smile over my lips.

You swim through the confusion in me,

 And I will fight your inner demons…!

Let my bed put you to sleep tonight,

And I shall wake up in yours.

You tuck yourself in it & live my dreams.

While I stay awake and watch you sleep.

Watch you sleep like I always do,

Let’s trade our shoes,

The lonely road still awaits us two…!

Morning sunlight kisses my forehead,

While you’re asleep in your room,

I’m half awake at the edge of my bed.

Just letting vapors of caffeine flirt with my head,

And they naughtily do.

They are singing our songs in your voice, girl.

Even their smell is reminiscent of you…!

Let’s trade our shoes,

For you to know my flaws,

And for me to feel the ache you never shared.

Let’s walk through this whole night again,

And send the world to the other side of the moon.

Let’s swap our heart beats once more,

Come, let’s trade our shoes…!

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