The wind that stopped roaring,

Has finally let the dust storm it had begun.

Take your hands off your face dear,

And face the orange Sun.

Chasing the boundaries of desert,

You’ve been oblivious to the only truth.

A shimmer in blue water afar caught your eye,

And you ran with all the strength in your heart.

A pursuit of desert rose somewhere ahead,

With years of your youth drenched in sweat.

Youth that’s now been gently slipping away,

Searching for an end to this race, just like your weary legs.

I see you standing at the edge of goodbyes,

Still searching for answers & hoping for rewards.

In return to all your teenage hopes & dreams,

That you once traded with gods to achieve bigger things.

With a cloak of dust storm wrapped around you,

You built a prison so strong to hold yourself in.

A prison you’d rather call an escape from an outside world.

An exit from heartbreaks you no longer intend to be with.

Here you are wondering now,

If the long walk has at all been the right thing.

Introspecting your past & judging me if I was any real.

I ran along as you shared your tales & shed your teary dreams.

Hoping I was indeed real, you slowed down a bit.

We shared a piece of life around the corner together,

While you emphasised on our discordant lives,

And how we are not meant to be.

But belies the strong person you may seem,

Of the innocent belief in momentary pleasures lurking in.

Below the disguise of indifference,

I see a child with a folded note in one hand.

A note saying – I cannot walk any further on my own,

With you, please carry me…

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