Curiosity killed Santa Claus!


Dear Santa,

What’s up? I am great. Guess what, I am in 4th grade now. Mamma says, I’m a big boy. I hope you remember that my birthday was also just few days back – on 16th. Anyway this means that like every year, I have more than a reason to expect surprise gifts from you. And yes, less of advice note on why those gifts might spoil me and my little sister Sana. So no more giving us some other gift instead of the ones mentioned on the cheat inside socks.

Santa, it has been almost 5 to 6 years that I have been putting a wishlist inside my socks hanging at the edge of my bed and keeping a close eye to catch you coming to read it. But you always win. You always did so far. I fall asleep somehow and you sneak your big tummy inside the room thought the tiny window besides my bed. Story book says that you carry gifts for kids in your big red bag. But then how do you know what’s on the wish-note in advance?

I’ll tell you how Daddy. Because you don’t want you kids to feel sad. Because you want us to wake up with a smile. To see a big Teddy bear sitting by our side. I’m sorry I asked for a phone last Xmas. I know I’m too small for that. But then I am big enough to figure out who is the real Santa Claus. I am your son after all. I was very curious as to why Santa always brings pencils & story books from the same shop and how come Sana and I get our own gifts even when I put the cheats into wrong socks. So, I thought and thought and I thought for a long time. I understood that if Santa was any real, then our Maid’s little baby would have been getting a big bar of chocolate every year as well. But he doesn’t. I figured it out daddy. I figured it out long back.

But don’t worry, I have not told Sana anything. She is too small. I told her what you told me about God. That you will know once you grow up. Besides I want my little sister to be happy thinking I believe in Santa Claus too. Just the way you make Mamma happy when you worship God along.

Now go get me my Hot wheels car. If you don’t, I promise I will tell Sana about Santa…hehehe.

Love you.



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