Return of Humpty Dumpty


Humpty Dumpty woke up next to a wall.

The same one where he had had his famous fall.

Under the skies of early dawn,

He stood up stretching his tiny arms.

Held his spinning head with a hangover from last night.

Resting his back against the wall, he looked around.

Cinderella was making out with Snow white and,

Drunk Rabbit was still fooling around with Alice in wonderland.

It was end of the year 2013 that had passed by.

He checked the drunken texts he had sent to his ex-wife.

One sided conversations with not a single reply.

And just when he was about to get depressed and feel sad,

He heard someone coughing, followed by a smell he could recognize.

Humpty Dumpty looked up as far as he could have,

To spot Baba black sheep staring at stars with glassy eyes.

“Baba black sheep, you’ve got any gra**?

Yes you stupid egg, I got 4 big packs.

One for the Beauty, two for the Beast.

One for Aladdin,

And one for you mate, come back up on the wall.’’

I shall not get back to where they keep pushing me down from,

Just roll one for me friend and throw it down” Humpty replied.

Taking a drag off the magic wand in his hand,

Humpty looked at New Year’s moon with glassy eyes.

Humpty had fallen for the ones he should’ve never climbed the wall for.

With his falls pretty metaphorical to most of our love lives.

Firecrackers now lit up the sky & reflected in Humpty Dumpty’s eyes.

He spotted the naked Cupid flying around and smiled,

Humpty had finally come up with his new year’s resolve –

‘To be friends with Baba black sheep and beat up blind Cupid’s ass.’

P.S. In order to fully decipher what you read, you must be over the age of 18 & adequately high!

2 thoughts on “Return of Humpty Dumpty

  1. Hahaha.. I have clue on how to spend my new year’s eve 😉

    Oh yes im above the legal age bar to do all the illegal things and stuff and jobs..

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