Blurred lines


Waiting lips met the whiskey mug again,

And they kissed so tenderly,

A kiss that was exchanged a thousand times already,

Between the eyes that froze into each other’s sight.

Blurred lines danced upon the border of which.

The reality was marinated with drunkenness slowly.

I was back to the corner, where I had first seen you.

Guess you are sipping happiness elsewhere,

But in the vision, I still saw myself with you.

The place where we sat for hours at noon,

Under the tree that we carved our names into,

It was being felled down, what once used to…

Symbolise our love and I could see you,

Yes I saw you when the pretty little white bird flew,

It left the fallen tree because it had to search for a new,

A new house to rest its feet on…you did too.

And so did I…when our heart beats stopped rhyming to,

The same music we once danced to.

Yet I sat around the fallen branch,

Caressing it tenderly, watching the love wither away slowly.

We shared a bottle or two,

My inebriated heart and the bitter-sweet memories of you.

Blurred lines was the answer to,

Question whether we really burnt the bridges down.

Or was forgetting each other was a lie draped as truth.

My eyes woke up to the real world meanwhile and

I found myself sitting inside a cubicle with feelings so blue.

Guess, it wasn’t the magical liquid that got me high.

It was you.

Had always been you.

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