A game of rock, scissor & paper heart


One half finished story in the pool of ink and

Few unedited verses of thoughts passed by.

Caffeine wears off his nerves slowly

And so do her thoughts,

As they seek refuge in draft folders of his heart.

 A kind of High that makes his heart beat,

in tune with the song melancholy to her smile.

A game of Rock, Scissor and Paper,

That he lets her win every single time.

They let their demons kindle the romance,

And he forgets they have paper hearts.

Happily ever after is where the story ends,

Curtain closes on the sweet past and

The reality jump starts.

He retreats yet again in the dungeon he calls escape,

Writing poems on the tombstone of love.

Reading them to the ghosts of her,

Not yet ready for a goodbye.

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