Tune this world out


Sitting in your bed with your back pressed against a wall,
You think of ways to ward off the demons of everyday life.
Eyes stressed out and yet projecting millions of things you let go off.
Plugging in headphones,
You let the music tune the world slowly out.
With drums and guitar ringing in your ears,
You make friends with yet another scotch to melt the reality down.
Feel little envious of your dreaming self,
Unlike you, he has the full access to your past.
Ghosts of murdered dreams laugh their lungs out,
And the walls around wear a familiar gown of those back in hometown.
Rusty hopes keep dancing like a tamed snake,
Slave to the tune of someone else’s songs.
As you drown yourself slowly in the whirlwind of golden bubbles,
Waves splashing the shores of glass drown out dark clouds of thoughts.
Alarm goes off yet again, while you snooze your troubles for a while,
And sleep becomes the only time you live life.
Definitions of ‘worst’ keep updating themselves like Adobe,
With ‘this too shall pass’ tattooed across your heart.

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