Love and other bullshit



He felt nervous every time someone spoke of her.

Graduation days those were. And he fell in love with her the day he saw her.

And she liked him for what he was. Genuine. But she liked someone else more.

Guy who had already found her. Way before he did. So she chose to be with that guy.

That guy, pretty much stopped everyone from thinking about her.


Because it was stupid to. How could anyone? She already had someone in her life.

Yet he did.

He did not tell best of his friends. They did not know he would. She did not either.

For her, he became her best friend. For him, she became almost everything.

Bike rides with her, talks over the phone and random fights that cropped up.

He loved how he cliff dived into her memories, every time she was mentioned.

He loved her more than anything he had ever known.

But graduation got over, no matter how much he tried to hold the hour hand from moving.

They parted. She made intelligent choices. He made few foolish decisions.

New towns. Thousands of kilometres. Months turning into years.

That should have been the end of it.

That should have been the end of her haunting corners of his mind beautifully every night.

His friends had grown into Men who knew who they should really be with.

He was still a boy, searching for the one whom he can call home.

They found out about him and her in his head. They told him to get out of it and how it did not make any sense.

But like I said, he was in love.

And love is an asshole. Illogical one.

He did know he would never have her.

He did know she already belonged to someone else. But he kept her alive in his head and had a dialogue with her secretly every now and then.

He traveled. Time traveled faster.

He fell for others. Fell out of it. Got so busy that he forgot to think about her.

Maybe he was over her.

Until the day she declared that she was tying a knot.

With the same guy. With the guy who he wasn’t.

He did know he would never have her.

He did know she already belonged to someone else.

But he was not prepared to hear the news.

That day crushed him with the sense of harsh present.

Maybe he was not over her.

She told him how happy she would be to see him at her wedding and he managed to utter yes.

She was the first song he had written and the last one he liked to listen to.

It was wrong. It was stupid. Love was illogical.

She was getting married now.

His friends couldn’t, but time did shake him up.

He was no more a boy. He had grown into a Man, who knew she was not the one.

He knew he had to find someone whom he could call home.


She was not his last song.

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