One hungry African kid


I have a theory I like to call One Hungry African kid. The concept took birth from hatred and anger poured forth by people around us, every time someone did ‘something’.

The theory says, no matter how much you contribute to the society, to the environment or simply to this fat blue planet we reside on; there will always be one pseudo intellectual pointing their critical forefinger at a hungry African child you did not help survive. And they are right. You did not. Because you were busy helping somebody else. Doing ‘something’.

Did you express your heart out over recent bloodshed at Pakistani military school, where school kids were butchered?  That’s okay if you did. Did you also join a candle light march later to show you are united against terrorism? That is also fine. You did something you felt was a right thing. But did you follow the news later on? Because there were more victims of terrorism elsewhere. In your own country. You mister are an asshole, if you did not. Because now you are a biased human being. According to someone who did…well nothing. But then they did watch you do ‘something’.

Did you join PETA and help hapless animals find a home? Did you adopt a kitten or a puppy and fed them nutritious food? You must be a heartless person who did not see beggars on the street, who needed to be provided with shelter and are starving every night.

You might be little disturbed over how many trees were cut for Xmas this year? But make sure you are equally disturbed over the amount of noise pollution during Diwali and ruthless killing of animals during Id. If not, then you are a pseudo secular. Make sure you hate all religions at once or don’t hate them at all. And don’t think of eradicating superstitions from society and minds of people. Because there will come along someone who shall enlighten your mind telling you how many more superstitions exist in other religion, other casts. Your ‘something’ will help somebody see things clearer but according to most, it will be ‘nothing’.

If you surprise your mother on Valentine’s day with flowers, they’ll ask you why not do that on rest of the 364 days. Turn a deaf ear mate. And continue to do your sweet little ‘somethings’.
If you’re an avid football fan and happen to support & celebrate the inaugural year of Indian football league, expect to hear the following next day.
Indian Kabaddi/Badminton team won gold/silver medal. Why did you not watch that? Why did you support only football?
Because I find game of Kabaddi boring. Yes, there I said it. And nobody can dictate which sport one shall enjoy and advocate.

Sure there are a million good things in the world, awaiting a helping hand. But you’ve got just two. So continue with your own sweet effort that you are best at. Adopt that puppy; someone else will feed the beggar if you cannot. Because those who raise their fingers are doing neither. And no matter how many you feed, there will always be one hungry African kid left for them to argue on. Don’t worry, one of us will eventually take care of it. Not them. Let them do ‘nothing’ and burn watching us do ‘something’. Together we shall weave these ‘somethings’ into a string of big HELP for a better tomorrow.

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