Double Distilled Feelings

Write Drunk and Edit Sober

Double distilled feelings and

A complementary hangover of memories.

A wrinkled bed sheet smudged with cigarette ash,

And an ignored slice of barbeque pizza on the side.

A ceiling fan doing ringa ringa roses,

It struggles to throw the smoky thoughts outside.

Outside the window he was staring from.

High. Happy High. Sad. And hopeful at the same time.

There was something amazing about her.

How she came onto his rescue every time.

Encircling him into her arms,

And him surrendering himself into her.

A cold breeze brought the news of her arrival and

An orange Sun gently stole her away from his arms.

With her he felt most peaceful,

And yet chaotic at the same time.

The way she slips into his lap,

Let the scent of her hair envelop him,

And watch his resistance vanish like the smoke on the wind.

Gravity grows more jealous,

Every time her eyes lay a grip on his masculinity.

 Cursed was the man who was endowed with

A beautiful sentimental heart, tainted by a cynical mind.

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