Unlabeled Pleasures


It was like a chocolate syrup over vanilla ice cream, you can’t say no to.
Having conquered my senses, by those hands running wild through my hair,
a question was raised.
“Do you want me to do anything else? I could give you a massage, you know!”
I opened my eyelids after devil knows how long and mumbled,
“I think it’s enough for today”.
But destiny had some other plans.
I leaned behind and that caring hand moved its fingers around my head, stroking them in at few places and gently strolling them at the rest.
My lips whispered what was inevitable anyway.
“Fine. Let’s just go for it”.
A smile rose in response as if I was thinking too loud in my head.
A sensual cold stream found its way through my hair, my veins and took over my brains.
I believed in magic all over again, as the fingers comforted my strained muscles. Relaxed them, pressed them and even stretched them. Strong and weak points. They were all put to the test.
The track of time was lost already. I wondered how many times hour and second hands had met each other and parted ways.
It was one of the best feelings out there.
Better than the ones we talk about. Only if we could label it.
But then it got over. The curtain drew down. The end. Just like the best things in life. You could only wish for them to never end.
I opened my eyes to the real world again.
“That will be 150 Rs. for haircut and 80 Rs for head massage!”
The barber guy in Men’s saloon said.
Money exchanged hands and my feet were out in the real world again.
Searching for routine happiness.

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