The Last of 90’s Girls

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She doesn’t pout when someone clicks her photograph.

She looks almost the same as she does on her Facebook profile.

She is not a #Hashtag girl, she tucks complications inside.

The only time she puts a make-up on, is on a wedding time.

She is a rage. She is passion. She is the last of 90’s girls.

She checks out a guy, but doesn’t think it’s old fashioned to feel shy.

She knows how to use Photoshop, but

She is not a master of putting filters on Instagram.

She’s still got a mixed tape cassette in her collection.

The one she doesn’t play yet hums the songs of her favorite Boy-band.

She feels nostalgic every time someone mentions Yahoo messenger.

She says Watsapp killed what once used to be ‘hey, are you there?’

She loves early morning texts. She enjoys late night chats.

But Handwritten letters are what she loves the most, she doesn’t tell you that.

From Blank calls on landline to Missed calls on first mobile phone.

From writing crush’s name in scrapbooks to his first scrap on her Orkut wall.

From Café Coffee Day dates to Hallmark greeting cards.

She is evanescent. She is endangered. She is the last of 90’s girls.

She asks him for what they dreamt of. She hopes. She demands.

She stomps the ground and Love pours from the clouds.

Her smile is a gateway drug to, everything you ever lost;

Moonwalking slowly back into your life.

She’s fallen in love. She’s been heartbroken.

She is heading into extinction now.

Find her. Treasure her. Make her feel special.

Not because she wants you to. Because she is.

Because she is the last of 90’s girls.

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