Evanescent Happiness


Through my bedroom window the other day, I saw it was only a little time left for the Sun to set over Rock garden – and my favourite spot there.

I left home hurriedly & crossed the road to enter the garden located on the opposite side.
‘Hurriedly’ because I knew it was a fleeting, evanescent moment I had to catch. The Universe painting the sky with its blue, pink & saffron crayons, reminding us again that the nature is the biggest artist of all. And we both watched it together all those times, pausing for minutes, letting our silence appreciate that moment; for we knew it was a transitory one. We knew that the something so beautiful would last only for seconds stretched together before the darkness conquers the sky. Evanescent happiness.
But honey, we let the nature fool us by its artistic sorcery as if it would not return the next day.
It did, right? And we watched it again, enthralled by its magic. I watched your face yet another day, lit in the golden sunshine and the wind complimenting the scene by gently flirting with your hair.

So, I ran away to reach my spot and thought of all the times we could rewind the sunset and beat the so called fleeting happiness. The other side of the bench was empty though, as I let myself to be tricked by the Universe again as if I was Vikram & nature, Betaal.

The warmth of the setting Sun reminded me of your nudging me while I used to be lost looking over the horizon. And then you would shake your head like you always did, before you smiled showing an even row of teeth. I would ask how your day was…and while I rummaged through this past, I realised the biggest trick that Universe ever pulled on us was not hinting that ‘us’ sharing that time and space was the only evanescent moment of them all.

You know, I desperately bleed ink on the paper tonight, gasping for thoughts, hoping to preserve our memories, before the darkness conquers the sky yet again. Because every time I sit at my favourite spot, I remember so much and yet forget a little. That little is a scary part. I keep wondering if you remember the part of the memories that escaped my fingertips. For I am just a writer with a limited power to immortalise the part of us which I can recall. I sometimes wish you lend me few of our laughter & fights that I must have forgotten now.
Because I’m just a lover with an aching heart. If only we could become those purple sunsets and make a pact with Universe to let us meet behind the horizon. If only if we could blindfold the Sun and trick the time into thinking it isn’t yet the time to set apart. Because girl, I am just a writer…Not yet a match to beat the nature’s art.