The Social Network


“Made for each other” and several other hashtags shone brightly on their photo.

Akruti and Siddharth.

Akruti. We have known her for three years now. Akruti and Vineet. That’s how we have known her for three years.

Akruti and Vineet. Not Akruti and Siddharth.

Who is Siddharth? Who cares? Apparently some guy with spectacles from New Delhi.

Who cares?

But Akruti has her hands wrapped around him.

Who cares? She has 248 likes on the photo already.

Vineet is not one of those 248 likes. But his best friend, 2nd best friend, and  3rd best friend are.

Anyway, Akruti just uploaded the 2nd photo now.

Life event. A symbol of the ring on top.

Social Media.

Us being social. As much as required or more than we need to. Vineet would agree for the later one.

Vineet clicked on ‘unfriend’ tab two weeks back. Three bottles of beer somehow managed to convince him. Friends were of help too.

But Facebook ridicules him. He scrolls down and reads 300 comments on a photo.

Akruti is smiling in the picture. We have seen her smiling in the photos earlier too. With Vineet.

This time, it is with a tagline ‘made for each other’.

Once again she says she believes in Love.

Vineet checks in at the famous lounge in town.

Three people like it. His school friend, his 35-year-old office colleague and someone he doesn’t know but is on his friend list.

Two more beers.

Akruti and Siddharth’s photo has grabbed a top position on everyone’s timeline by now.

Congratulations on the picture and gossip on the phones have started to flow in.

Vineet is somewhere between trying to distance himself from the life event and the life – which they both had famously sworn to spend together.

Vineet is failing to keep himself away from clicking the Facebook icon on his phone.

Social media has brought people together finally.

People. Lovers. Ex-lovers. Haters.

No more do they have to wonder, what others are up to?

Social Media.

Vineet forgot to read terms and conditions.

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