A lot like “God”

An atheist stood outside the temple, with a proud look on his face..
Looking down at the hoard of pious around,
Happy he was over his discovery of another unknown fact..
Lost he was in his own genius thought, when suddenly someone gave him a gentle pat..
“So you gonna patent this one too?” in a deep voice that sage asked.
“And who are you to know exactly what’s there on mind?” atheist turned around.
The sage answered atheist’s question simply with a big smile.
“Oh no, now don’t tell me that you are what they call – God”.
“I am, my son. I was just too tired of waiting for you inside.”
“Really? You mean just like that? With no heroic entry, with bright halo in the background?”
“Oh no no, that happens only in your movies dude” giving out a laughter said God.
“Ha ha! Right, God. So tell me, why me? When I have no faith in you while for you those hapless make daily rounds?”
“Because I meet them every day but I wanted to thank you for the noble work that you have been doing all this while.”
“Alright, you are welcome God. But you shall not hope that from tomorrow you might see me with them inside.”
“I know you won’t son. But don’t you have any question to ask? As in about creation of life, magic or about after life?”
“Not really, I would rather find answers to those by myself” said atheist with pride.
“I know you will, my stubborn child..just so that you won’t have to believe in me, right?”
“And wait a minute, I think I have seen you somewhere” looking closely at God now atheist said.
“I’m sure you have” said God and bright morning sunlight opened atheist’s dreaming eyes.
He was getting ready, checking himself in the mirror when he suddenly got closer to the answer he was looking for.
The man from the dream was no one else but himself, he was how atheist would look 20 years from now.
To ascertain this thought he ran once again to the temple, this time making his way inside.
It so not looked like what he had seen in his dream the earlier night.
He gave out a sigh.
So there is no God. It’s all about elevation of man to God-hood. Something that he saw himself becoming, if for years to come he were to continue to help the mankind.
Lost in his own thought he was again, when he missed someone speaking in the background.
“You know what? They are saying that suddenly today on the idol’s face – there has appeared a big smile.”

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